Core Drilling, Road Sawing and Pool Removal Services Near Me

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy contractors who can carry out any core drilling, road sawing or pool removal services with ease, you have come to the right place. If you are from Melbourne, you only need to hire one company to perform all these services and adequately meet your residential or commercial needs. Read on to learn when you may need core drilling, road sawing or pool removal services.

Core Drilling

The mechanical process of drilling a perfect round shaped hole in any concrete structure, floors or walls is known as concrete Core Drilling. Concrete cutting services are mostly done by using a diamond core cutting tool. These tools can only be handled by professionals. After drilling is complete, no matter whether it is in a floor or a wall, a slug of concrete is removed from structure. Drilling and concrete cutting is mostly done by concrete removal experts.

A person in need of core drilling services usually needs it for utility penetrations. The holes are made to assist works of plumbing, heating, electric wiring and similar. This service is also widely used when vault and manhole taps are being built. In underground constructional works, core drilling services are used to make way for sewer lines, steam pipes, water pipes or even computer lines and phone lines. In order to remove a large piece of concrete, a contractor will first make a series of core holes that overlap one another. This type of drilling is known as line coring or line drilling. Line coring is also used to remove rectangle or square shaped pieces of concrete.

Road Sawing

Road Sawing services are often required when you are looking to re-design, upgrade or maintain the roads in your community. It is cost-effective option to maintain your road in a good condition or to upgrade it without overwhelming your budget. Road sawing experts are here to assist you when you want to quickly and efficiently build or adapt your existing infrastructure. When your road is damaged and filled with cracks and potholes, instead of slowly repairing it with a hammer and a chisel, it is better to use a road saw and precisely remove the damaged area.

Pool Removal

Property owners that opt for Pool Removal services usually want to get rid of their pool because it is no longer in use. Since unused residential or commercial pools have a potential to become a liability, most property owners decide to remove it and use that space for something more useful or at least something that could increase the value of their property. Apart from liability worries, many homeowners decide to remove their pools when they are looking for a reduction in the insurance of their property.

Pool removal involves pulling up the pool deck and piercing big holes in the shell to drain the water. After that, the pool is backfilled and landscaped over. The cost of pool removal depends on the size of the pool, the materials that need to be removed and access to your backyard.